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The number of Vietnamese war casualties is estimated at over three million. In addition, many were exposed to the toxic Agent Orange, which the Red Cross says left up to a million post-war Vietnamese disabled or with health problems.


Minorities of Vietnam need our help

Let’s help the minorities and indigenous people of Vietnam to maintain their independence and to live a self-determined life without outside influence.

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Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country with 54 recognized ethnic minorities. The Vietnamese minorities make up about 12% of the population and live mainly in the mountainous regions of the north and the central highlands. They have their own languages, cultures and traditions that differ from those of the majority population. The Vietnamese minorities are often disadvantaged and discriminated against in terms of education, health, land rights and economic development. They suffer from poverty, marginalization and social exclusion. They need support to preserve their identity, protect their human rights and improve their living conditions. Support for the Vietnamese minorities should be based on respect, dialogue and participation, recognizing their cultural diversity.

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Fighting the aftermath of Agent Orange.

There are currently 4.8 million people affected by dioxin in Vietnam, including more than 3 million Agent Orange victims. In Vietnam, the toxic Agent Orange causes health problems and birth defects in subsequent generations. more…

We need Solar Energy for rural areas.

We want to provide 10 small solar systems with energy storage for the Vietnamese minorities. This is to prevent larger construction projects from taking place nearby and disrupting independence. more…


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We support indigenous people in need with medical care.

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