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Every day millions of people suffer from hunger, disease and violence. They desperately need our help to survive and build a better future. With your donation you can make a difference. Please donate today and show your solidarity with those most in need. Every euro counts. Thank you for your support.

You Can Help a Lot by Donating for Charity

Our Only Mission is to Fulfill Others Dreams

Help is Our Goal

What Make Us Different

We Educate

Through education we help sustainably

We Help

We help others survive and build a better future

We Build

Infrastructure increases the quality of life

We Donate

All donations are managed cost-effectively

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Our Goal is to Help Minorities
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Give a Hand to Make the Better World

We live in a world that faces many challenges, such as poverty, inequality, climate change, and violence. These problems affect millions of people every day and require collective action to solve.  Giving a hand means contributing your time, skills, resources, or voice to support a cause that matters to you. It means being part of a global community that cares about making a positive difference. Whether you volunteer for a local charity, donate to a global fund, sign a petition, or raise awareness on social media, you are giving a hand to make the better world. Together, we can create a more just, peaceful, and sustainable future for everyone.

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Facts About Us

Little Facts About Us

Donation Collection

In our modern age, this takes place almost exclusively online

Annual Program

Our annual program is flexible and can also change at short notice


Volunteers please apply and are welcome. But we don’t have many spaces available.


We select our partners according to strict criteria. Also partners must already be right to support.

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The Measure of a Life is not its
Duration, but its Donation


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